Celebrating Women's Small Business Month

Startup ecosystems have become the number one engine of job creation and economic growth, and local leaders have been encouraged to focus their actions and policies on engaging more women in startups. However, of the more than 80 ecosystems measured by Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network, women do not make up half of the founders in any ecosystem. In fact, only three ecosystems crack the top 10 in both female entrepreneurship and global performance: New York, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.The top 10 startup ecosystems for female founders in 2019 were:
          - Chicago USA (26%)
          - New York City USA (22-24%)
          - Kuala Lumpur China alaysia (22-24%)
          - Shanghai China (22-24%)
          - Houston USA (20%)
          - Denver-Boulder USA (20%)
          - Sydney Australia (19%)
          - Miami USA (19%)
          - Los Angeles USA (18%)
          - Busan South Korea (18%)
Look for Startup Genome’s blog series highlighting some of the top ecosystems for female founders - https://startupgenome.com/blog


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